StormStrong FAQs

Everything you need about StormStrong™ and our resilience products to protect from hurricane damage


What Is StormStrong?

StormStrong™ is a service similar to insurance for protection against hurricanes.  Unlike traditional insurance, StormStrong™ offers an rapid payout when a hurricane hits an address. Unlike traditional insurance, there are no deductible, no claims to file, and no waiting monthс - you can start rebuilding in days. StormStrong™ is a service by Parachute Insurance Inc. but is not an insurance product.

Why do I need StormStrong?

Traditional insurance is a broken promise - deductibles, gaps in coverage, and premiums rising sharply per year.  If you suffer a loss, there might be months or years before you can get paid.  With StormStrong products, you get paid in days.

Is StormStrong a typical insurance policy?

No. StormStrong is a product similar to a membership - once you purchase the membership, you are eligible to receive help in recovery.  Usage of the words coverage, policy should not indicate you are purchasing insurance.

Is there a catch?

There is no catch.  But you must know that StormStrong is not designed to insure you - it will pay you a pre-arranged amount to get you started on rebuilding.  You know how much you are getting - simple, rapid and automatic.

How does StormStrong guarantee payments?

We are backed by reinsurance.  Unlike traditional insurance, StormStrong uses next-generation blockchain solution created by  Once coverage is activated, the funds to cover the policy are locked by ensuro in a blockchain, and it will be accessed only if the hurricane event occurs. Neither ensuro nor StormStrong team has no access to the funds.  There is a legal separate entity that guards the funds in case of our unlikely demise.

Doesn't home insurance cover hurricanes?

Homeowner insurance usually has coverage gaps, carve-outs and exclusions. Often excluded are damages to floods or hurricanes, and there require special policies. StormStrong helps provides direct relief in a way regular insurance does not.

StormStrong Products

Storm Info

StormStrong™ proprietary technology for live storm and hurricane monitoring and tracking.

Storm Resilience

StormStrong™ core product providing payment and financial protection when hurricanes strike.

Storm Concierge

StormStrong™ premium service featuring a full suite of offerings to rebuild after disaster.

Storm Aid

StormStrong™ service connecting members of communities affected by a hurricane into a mutual aid network building resilience together.

Getting Started And Receiving Payout

How do I join StormStrong™?

  1. Enter your location in the quoting page
  2. Select the coverage amount and any extras
  3. Pay for your policy
  4. You receive a contract to sign and approve
  5. Your membership is activated in 30 days

What will my policy cover?

Any or all expenses: immediate expenses, deductible on your homeowner policy, damage to vehicle or yard and more

How is payout determined?

The amount is fixed when you purchase the StormStrong membership

How do I receive my payout?

  1. A hurricane passes near your address
  2. Our data system triangulates the location of the storm and compares it to the address
  3. We contact you (depending on your state you might need to attest that you have suffered a loss)
  4. We provide the recovery package and funds

How do I receive the funds?

Electronically or by check.  We will contact you immediately (typically in 24 hours) by your address on file and send you the funds in the ways most convenient to you.

Will payment come through if a hurricane comes near but does not hit?

StormStrong will pay out as long as a storm comes near your property, whether or not it strikes directly.

Will I get paid for partial damage?

StormStrong will payout if minor damage comes in.

Coverage And Protection Options

What types of coverage are available?

StormStrong™ offers various different price points based on machine learning models for each geographic location and risk level.

How many storms are covered each year?

StormStrong offers many plans, some which protect from a single storm and some which protect from every storm.

How does climate change affect StormStrong products?

Climate change is expected to increase rainfall and potentially the severity of storms over the course of decades, slowly increasing the cost of StormStrong products. Meanwhile the cost of traditional insurance is going up exponentially due to complicated claims processes.

Do policy prices change each year?

They sometimes do, but they can go both up and down.  They have not changed for the 2023 hurricane season.  Generally, they can decrease when climatic conditions or insurance rates are favorable. Keeping our prices low is a key priority for us - we want to make the solution affordable, unlike traditional insurance.

Which states have StormStrong policies? 

There are currently no restrictions on availability.

What is the StormStrong disaster benefit?

In additional to financial support, we offer our members information services, and our concierge solution offers direct assistance to members who were impacted.

Can I buy a policy on multiple properties?

Yes - you can get any number of properties with a maximum of one policy per location.

Can I buy a policy immediately after a storm?

Policies may be purchased immediately after a storm but become active after 30 days.

Privacy And Buying With Confidence

What information does StormStrong require before signing up?

Your name and email, the covered address, and financial information for payment.

How can I guarantee safety of my information?

We deliberately do not store any financial information in our system - it is entirely handled by our payment processor.  Our database is structured to protect accidental data loss.

Does StormStrong offer policy refunds and can I cancel a policy anytime?

You have a 30 days guarantee of a full refund, that is, up to the point when your policy becomes active.

Do I need to contact StormStrong when a hurricane hits?

You do not need to contact us - we will reach out.

What if my internet is down after a hurricane?

StormStrong will work to connect with you and ensure timely payment.

Terms And Conditions

How long must a policy held before payout eligibility?

The policy is eligible as soon as it becomes active.

What may make someone ineligible for payout?

There are no current restrictions on eligibility.

What do I need to sign in order to buy a policy?

Click here, fill out a quick form and pay.

What are the restrictions on StormStrong policies?

There are no major restrictions but please closely read our Terms and Conditions when you buy.

What If I Move?

Your membership will remain valid for the original location.

Are the funds taxable?

No, they are tax-free. While the details depend on your specific jurisdiction, insurance payouts are not taxed (StormStrong is not technically an insurance).

StormStrong Technology And Innovation

How does StormStrong know when a hurricane strikes?

StormStrong™ uses a proprietary hurricane tracking system and monitoring platform for live viewing of hurricane strikes.

How is hurricane path calculated?

The National Weather Services calculates the center of the storm and posts the data every 6 hours.  We calculate the path as the geodesic line on WGS84 projection between these points.  Sometimes there are retroactive revisions to the path in a few hours - we will use the latest version as authoritative.

What triggers a StormStrong policy?

When a hurricane comes within 20 miles of your property, a StormStrong policy is triggered.

How does StormStrong guarantee quick payouts?

Our process is automatic and we know the losses immediately after the storm arrives.  We do not require site visit, damage assessment, paperwork or other.  There are no claims, no ligitation and everything else that can take months or even years with traditional insurance.