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Building Resilience to Climate Disasters

Managing weather risks and building climate resilience

Are you financially prepared for the next storm?

Insurance sells a promise: economic security in financial struggles.

This promise is rarely met: Typical insurance policies include massive coverage gaps in form of exclusions and high deductibles. Submitting claims often requires paperwork documenting every loss and appraising its value. Getting a response takes months as insurance adjusters are virtually unreachable after a major impact. Payments, if any, arrive many months later, leaving policyholders stranded with no means to build their lives.

Storm Strong™ is different. Using an innovative automatic payment algorithm, we offer immediate financial relief when a disaster strikes. Products are crystal clear and solely based on weather data. When a hurricane passes within a set distance of your property, your plan will be triggered. You know what you’ll get and relief will be provided immediately, and not in weeks or months.

Hurricanes coverage process

How does Storm Strong Work?



Enter your address and plan type then receive an instant quote



Approve plan terms and provide method of payment. 



24-Hour review period before approval



We monitor all storms in real time using data from the National Weather Service


Plan Trigger

If the hurricane passes near your address, we unlock funds and contact you in 24 hours or less.



You receive the funds and other plan benefits.  Cover any expenses - deductibles, rebuilding & more.

Recover Faster after a Hurricane

Storm Strong members can select coverage from $5,000 to $20,000 per year.  It can be used for your insurance deductible, uninsured damages or any unexpected expenses. Our payouts are within days* enabling you to bounce back faster.