About General

What is StormStrong?
StormStrong is service to help with gaps in traditional insurance.  Unlike traditional insurance, StormStrong offers an rapid payout when a hurricane hits address.  Unlike traditional insurance, there are no deductible, no claims to file, and no waiting month – you can start rebuilding in days.
Why do I need StormStrong?
Traditional insurance is a nightmare – deductibles, gaps in coverage, and premiums rising 20-30% per year.  If you suffer a loss, there might be months or years before you can get paid.  With StormStrong products, you get paid in days.
Is there a catch?
No catch.  But you must know that StormStrong is not designed to insure you – it will pay you a pre-arranged amount to get you started on rebuilding.  You know how much you are getting – simple, rapid and automatic.
Who insures that StormStrong will have the funds to pay its contracts?
We are backed by Ensuro.co reinsurance.  Once your coverage is activated, our highly-rated reinsurer locks in the money in a dedicated blockchain account
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Signing up and Receiving payout

How do I sign up
  1. Enter your location in the quoting page
  2. Select the coverage amount and any extras
  3. Pay for your policy
  4. Your membership is activated in 30 days
How does the policy work?
  1. A hurricane event passes near your property
  2. Our data system will triangulate the location of the storm and compared it to the insured address
  3. We will contact you if your membership
  4. Depending on your state you might need to attest on if you have suffered a loss
  5. You select your preferred method of receiving funds.
  6. We sent you the funds
What does the policy cover?
Any or all expenses.
How is the payout amount determined?
The coverage amount is determined when you purchase the coverage.
How is the payout received?
Electronically or by check.  We will contact you immediately (typically in 24 hours) by your address on file and send you the funds in the ways most convenient to you.

Other questions

How can I update my policy information?

Yes – please contact us
Is there a deductible on the policy?
No – unlike insurance, StormStrong has no deductible – hurray!
How is the premium determined?
The premium is determined based on your location, the coverage amount and other features.

Who is able to buy StormStrong for their address?

The product is aimed at homeowners, renters and business owners.  Only one membership can be purchased for each address.

How does StormStrong differ from traditional insurance?
It’s a completely different universe. StormStrong payment is automatic, no deductible, and more.  We avoid using the words insurance, policy or coverage since it’s really different.
Doesn’t my main home insurance cover hurricanes?
Only partially.  You will typically have to pay 2-5% deductible and there are numerous exclusions and carveouts.
Can I get StormStrong in addition to a main policy?
Yes – and we recommend it.
Can someone have multiple properties covered?

Of course, but only one coverage for each address.


How long does it take to receive the payment?
Normally a couple of days, and we are working on making it complete in 24 hours
Can I cancel the policy at any time?
Yes, but only before it becomes active.  Once the coverage funds are locked for the season, you are responsible for all remaining payments.
Are there any restrictions on how I can use the disaster benefit?
The disaster benefit received can be used to cover ANY out-of-pocket costs, including the deductible!
Is the coverage available in all states?
Is there a maximum number of claims I can make per policy year?
We cover just one payment.  If you are concerned about additional storms, please conserve your funds.

Can I purchase the policy after a storm has already struck?
Yes, but it will be activated in 30 days.

Does the policy cover only hurricanes or other natural disasters as well?
Only hurricanes.
What conditions trigger the payment?
  1. The policy was active at the covered address
  2. The address was within 40 miles of the triangulated center of the storm
  3. The storm had strength of at least 1 on the Saffir-Simpson scale
Will I receive a payout if there is no damage to my property?
What happens if I do not have access to the internet after a storm?
We will attempt to contact you by phone and find a way of getting the funds to you.
What if I suffered a loss but have not been contacted?
Reach out to us directly
What if I am contacted and I haven’t had any damage?
You are still eligible for the benefits
What if I want to know more about what the NWS does?
You can find more information about the National Weather Service here: https://www.weather.gov/
What if I have a question about my claim?
If you have any questions about your claim please contact our customer service team via phone, email, or our website’s contact form.
What if my expenses are larger than the amount of my coverage?
We strongly recommend having a homeowner or other policy.  StormStrong fills out a hole in your existing coverage, but it is not insurance.
What if I move to a different property and still want the coverage?
If you move to a different property please inform us of the move and contact a us representative to obtain a new policy
What if only part of my property is damaged?
You are still eligible.
What if I want to take preventive measures to protect my property from damage?
We strongly recommend taking preventative measures but do not require it.
Need Something Else?
Contact us and we’ll be glad to help!